configure mysql server with Serv-u plus plug-in

Serv-u plus is a serv-u plug-in,you can find them everythwhere from the search. which can serve large account with ftp traffic count. many forum use it as private ftp account manager.

 when u install serv-u plug-in with serv-u ,u maybe find

Invalid username/password ,incorrent mysqlclient version,please upgrade your client library.

I have solved this error well.

Serv-u Server 6.1 and serv-u plus 1.5 and mysql-5.0.33

first we install serv-u plus as advistion,import tables to DB.

eg: we create database FTP1  and import tables to FTP1,

we grant all privileges to FTP 1 database.

grant all on FTP1.* to user1@’host’ identified by ‘userpass';
UPDATE mysql.user SET Password = OLD_PASSWORD(‘userpass’)     WHERE User = ‘user1′;

 restart serv-u ,it will work

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